US crypto traders are among the most active investors across all major cryptocurrency exchanges. This data came from the data analytics firm DataLight.

Crypto traders from the US are the most active across the majority of the exchanges except for @bitfinex, which also has the most even geographical distribution of traders.
— DataLight (@DataLightMe) February 4, 2019

US Crypto Traders Most Active

The data was taken from five major cryptocurrency exchanges. Many of the other cryptocurrency exchanges used daily were not added to the list. US residents don’t have access to a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, due to strict SEC policies. Cryptocurrency exchanges don’t want to deal with potential legal ramifications and so often don’t allow US residents to use their services.

The US is by far one of the strictest countries when it comes to cryptocurrencies, but that doesn’t mean its domestic exchanges are faulty. It’s no surprise the US crypto traders rank highest on Coinbase, seeing as it’s the US’s most used cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase is based out of San Francisco, California and was founded back in 2012. Currently, the company states it has over 20 million users and over $150 billion traded on its platform.