Web browser Opera announced earlier today that Android users can now buy Ethereum (available on Coinbase) (ETH) directly from its browser wallet.

For reference, ETH is currently selling for $104.75 USD per coin according to CoinMarketCap.

Buying Ethereum (available on Coinbase) on Opera

To make Ethereum (available on Coinbase) transactions possible in this manner, Opera has partnered with regulated crypto brokerage Safello to provide the cash-to-crypto exchange.

Further, the browser is making life even easier by enabling payments with credit and debit cards. It has also implemented other payment networks such as Sweden’s Swish.

According to the web browsing service, buying Ethereum (available on Coinbase) on Opera should take “less than a minute.”

Limited Availability

Users should note that, for now, the service is only available in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. There has been no mention as to when the service might extend further than these European countries.

But citizens from these countries have an incentive to use the service; for a limited time, Safello will give Swedish users a discounted fee of 2.5%, while Norway and Denmark users will receive a 5% discount.


As stated, the browser has partnered with crypto brokerage Safello, so users can buy Ethereum (available on Coinbase) on Opera. Safello is registered with Sweden’s Financial Supervisory Authority. The broker will verify users who make purchases by using the national citizen identity solution relative to whatever country the user is from. In Sweden this is BankID, and in Denmark, it is NemID, for example.