Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) ETFs are a hot topic with the US regulators. The Securities and Exchange Commission, in particular, has been expected to approve some of the applications for some time now, but it looks like they are trying to avoid it at all costs. Furthermore, most of the applications have been either denied or completely ignored without even the slightest hint of feedback. The applications are long overdue, and the applicants are starting to become restless.

However, the SEC had a ‘meeting’ with the other US regulator called the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), it has been reported that the two regulators have shared their opinions about the matter and are ready to partner up to tackle cryptocurrencies.

Comments about the Industry

The ‘Crypto Mom’ (Hester Peirce) herself explained the SEC’s stance towards Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) ETFs. She noted that they have been rather reluctant to sign off on the Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) ETF applications they have been receiving. Although it is not the best type of feedback, it is still better than nothing. So now we know that the applications could be far away from approvals.