In a potentially rebellious move, major Japanese financial services company, SBI Holdings, announced it is delisting Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) Cash (BCH) from its digital currency exchange. Let’s check this out.

SBI Delists Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) Cash (BCH)

Yesterday, we covered the controversy surrounding the delisting of Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) SV (BSV). Specifically, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, announced yesterday that it will delist this crypto effective April 22nd.

The move comes as a retaliation against the actions of BSV creator Craig Wright (more on that to follow).

But today, tables are turning somewhat as major Japanese financial services company, SBI Holdings, is holding onto Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) SV, but is delisting Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) Cash (BCH). BCH’s departure from the exchange will happen in June, and the exchange will keep support for BSV.

So What is Going On?

As with all things cryptocurrency, there are complications. Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) Cash is the first hard-fork of the leading and original cryptocurrency Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) (BTC) and was created in August 2017. Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) SV, then, is a hard fork of Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) Cash and was created by Craig Wright—who controversially claims that he is the creator of the original Bitcoin (available on Coinbase).

Wright’s proclamation that he is the person behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto has disrupted the cryptosphere. So much so, that several major crypto trading platforms have followed in Binance’s footsteps and chosen to also delist BSV. A #DelistBSV hashtag has even begun trending throughout social media.

SBI Holdings to the Rescue

Now, SBI Holdings has come to BSV’s defense in a move that is bound to divide the cryptocurrency universe further. Reports from Cointelegraph suggest that the CEO of the financial giant, Yoshitaka Kitao, has a personal connection with Wright. A past Tweet of Wright’s stated that Kitao is “a friend and man I respect a lot.”