PayPal and Coinbase have officially teamed up. This morning, the popular cryptocurrency exchange announced it would now offer PayPal withdrawals to its users in the EU.

Coinbase customers in EU and European Free Trade Association countries can now withdraw funds to PayPal accounts. Sign in to Coinbase and link your PayPal account today to get started.
Coinbase (@Coinbase) February 5, 2019

Coinbase and PayPal in the EU

Last year, the cryptocurrency exchange announced the support of PayPal in the US and last month it rolled out this feature to its US users. Back in 2016, the popular exchange rolled out its PayPal feature but quickly terminated the service due to technical issues.

Not all countries in the EU will have support with Coinbase and PayPal though. Only European countries in the European Free Trade Association will have access to this new feature.

Those countries include:


Before the PayPal option became available, these countries only had SEPA and UK Faster pay options before. Coinbase states it seeks to have the safest and easiest transfer preferences. While the service may not be in all European countries just yet, the cryptocurrency exchange announced it is working on expanding its support this year.