The Coinbase card is looking to make cryptocurrencies easier to pay with.

Over a long time, Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) and other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin (available on Coinbase), Ethereum (available on Coinbase), and Ripple (available on Binance)’s XRP have been criticized that they are hard to use and spend in the real world compared to fiat currency.

Last week, the price of Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) surged to $5,000, but due to its volatility and instability, BTC is still not considered the best means of payment. Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) is thus considered to be a store of value just like gold instead of being an exchange currency.

However, these perceptions are about to change following the teaming up of Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) and Coinbase with Visa. The aim of the collaboration is to try and change the criticism surrounding cryptocurrency with the launch of the Coinbase Card that will allow users to spend cryptocurrency effortlessly like traditional fiat currency in the bank.

Coinbase Card Could Be Used to Spend Bitcoin (available on Coinbase)

Coinbase’s Visa debit card can be used with Bitcoin (available on Coinbase), Litecoin (available on Coinbase), Ethereum (available on Coinbase), and Ripple (available on Binance)’s XRP in various locations across the globe. When the card is used, it converts Bitcoin (available on Coinbase) to fiat currency, and the store or merchant receives the pay in fiat currency.

Using the new app, users will be able to choose their preferred cryptocurrency on the card. The card has the capability of backing all crypto assess available on the Coinbase platform. Users will be able to monitor their spending as the new app is able to produce receipts, spending and transaction details.